LS(B20)-VTEC conversion using the Golden Eagle Kit from Lightning Motorsports
Freshly machined - Golden Eagle sleeved B18 (84.5mm) Another pic - note the o-ringed cylinders...mmm...boost View from side showing the oil filter mounting pad and stud
We have now threaded in the ARP studs (hand-tight) We now slip the GE custom dowels onto the studs and into the hole Another pic
Dowel pin installed on tranny side of engine Dowel pin installed on crank side of engine Closeup of oil filter mounting pad where we will install the GE VTEC - oil block adapter (note the breather box block-off and new breather fittings...more on that later...)
Here is the GE VTEC - oil block adapter and fitting Thread oil block onto the mounting pad Here is the adapter installed
Here we have the extra 1/8"NPT port that can be used for turbo oil feed or for a gauge connection. The oil feed line has also been threaded onto the GE VTEC - oil block We now inistall the GE supplied fitting into the back of the cylinder head. The oil feed line is now connected and that pretty much finalizes the cylinder head portion of the LS(B20)-VTEC swap
Pics of Installed Golden Eagle Main Girdle on B18/B20